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It's All About Business

At Mason Firm we service the entire life cycle of the business from start-up consultation and business formation to business development and growth to business continuity and brand protection. We’ve got you covered! We believe that legal and business should work together and one without the other negatively affects the bottom line.

The Business Life Cycle and Our Fixed Fee (No Hourly Billing) Services

Early Stages

I. Start-Up Consultation Strategy Session – Starting a business is scary enough without the added pressure of figuring out what would be the best corporate or tax structure to ensure your business flourish and grows. Should it be an Inc., LLC or something else. Get rid of the guess work and get us to explain the legal side of starting a business.

II. Business Formation – You are now ready to take the final step into business ownership – actually forming the company. Yes, you can use a DIY service but will it give you personalized attention and know what will best suit your business needs? Do you want to chance the future of your company on the possibility of missing a legal or tax obligation? Don’t leave the future success of your company to chance, let us form your company today!

Up & Running

III. Business Development & Growth Strategy Session – Your business is up and running but you would like to see it go to the next level. You would like to get some new ideas and make sure you are in legal compliance because the phrase “more money, more problems” haunt your dreams. Well, this service is for you. We will learn about your business and perform an audit to make sure you are in legal compliance. Then we will provide suggestions and ideas on how you could possibly develop and grow your business.

Business Continuity & Brand Protection

IV. MasonGeneral - General Outside Counsel Services for Businesses & Entrepreneurs
Do you have a company related to arts and entertainment or fashion industries and you find yourself constantly faced with legal issues on a monthly basis? You have contracts to be reviewed or drafted. You have legal questions that need to be answered. However, you are not ready to hire a full time lawyer so you handle the legal aspects of your business the best you can. But you are tired of using form agreements that are not tailored to your needs and you sometimes get this sinking feeling that you might be missing something on a particular deal. Wouldn’t you like the peace of mind to having a lawyer as part of your team without having to pay all the extra expenses to have one on staff? If you answer yes to these questions, then MasonGeneral is for you. For a flat annual fee spread out over monthly payments, businesses and entrepreneurs get access to legal services to suit their needs. 

Choose from one of our service packages Silver, Gold or Platinum. If none of these suit your needs, we will be happy to customize a package for you. Say good bye to the billable hour and join the flat fee revolution!
Plan Perks: As a plan subscriber, you can list Mason Firm on your website as your legal representative. 

V. Trademark Registration & Portfolio Management – You have developed your company into a brand. When people see your business name or logo, they know it’s your company and expect a certain level of quality from your goods or services. It is now time to protect your brand identity. 

A trademark is the most important piece of “property” you own as an entrepreneur. It is your brand and identifies the source of the goods or service in the minds of consumers. As such, it must be protected. If you have questions about trademark and branding, contact us for a consultation.

We can also register your trademark and manage your portfolio to ensure you don’t miss important filing dates and companies are not trying to use your mark.

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