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The Art of Entertainment

Don't try to navigate the entertainment industry alone. The other side is represented and so should you. From music artists to directors and fine artists and everyone in between, we represent clients across the entertainment spectrum. 

Before you sign that recording agreement or option agreement, call us to review it to make sure your interests are protected and you are getting a fair deal. Before you go on the internet and use a form agreement, call us. We can draft you an agreement customized and tailored to suit your needs. We understand the nuances in the entertainment industry. Further, we can help you understand and protect your copyright.

Copyright is the bedrock of the entertainment industry. In order to be successful in entertainment, you must understand copyright. We can help you take the mystery out of copyright with our consultation service. We can also assist with registering and protecting your copyright. Further, we learn about you, your career and your business so we can plug you into different opportunities. 

MasonVirtual - was designed to offer artists, actors and entertainers unbundled virtual legal services at a flat rate for common legal needs such as contract review and drafting and quick consultations about legal issues. We know you don't have time for an in-person meeting so we are bringing the legal services to you. All you need is an internet connection and/or phone. You can also pay for legal services through our website. Click here for more info.

So call us today to ensure you and your interests are protected on your path to fame and fortune! 

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