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Legal Services for the Entertainment Professional

MasonVirtual was created to enable entertainment professionals to have instant access to legal services at a flat fee for common legal needs such as contract review and drafting and quick consultations about legal issues. We know you don't have time for an in-person meeting so we are bringing the legal services to you. 

Sometimes you wish you could ask an entertainment lawyer a question about an issue you are facing or discuss a decision you are about to make. However, you know most lawyers charge by the hour. But, you don't need an hour you just need a few minutes. MasonVirtual is the answer to your wish with our 15 or 30 minutes strategy calls.  On the other hand, if you need to have an in depth discussion about a decision or issue you are facing, you can schedule a 60 minutes strategy call. By purchasing this service, you will get the peace of mind in knowing that you have invested in protecting your interests and your career.

Before you resort to taking a form agreement off the internet or signing an agreement you do not understand,  have us professionally draft you a custom contract and review your agreement to ensure you are getting  a fair deal.

You owe it to yourself to make sure you are protected. Schedule a strategy call today or have us review or draft your contract. By investing in legal representation early in your career, ensure your rights and interests are protected on your way to success and stardom!


Strategy Calls

Get answers to your burning legal questions 

15 minutes – quick question answered
30 minutes – issue discussion
60 minutes – in depth discussion
Contract review

Up to 5 pages: Get an understanding of the agreement before you sign.

• written explanation of your rights
• 1 edit, if necessary  

No back and forth negotiations or follow up discussions. The document must be a single contract and not multiple contracts combined.

Contract drafted

Up to 5 pagesMake sure your rights and interests are protected. 

• final draft
• 1 edit of the final draft, if necessary

No back and forth negotiations with the other party or follow up discussions once contract is finalized.

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